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American Girl Doll Casual NASA Outfit

To go with my previous post, I made a cute "casual" NASA outfit for my doll! I used the free t-shirt pattern, The jeans bundle, and pixie sweets slip-ons all purchased from Pixie Faire

The shirt took a few tries because I'm not great with hemming knits. I tried a few different ways and ended up taping down the hem with washi tape to keep it from stretching out, sewing over it, and then ripping the washi tape off. It worked great, but getting the bits of washi tape out was a pain. It worked, but I need to do more research on sewing with knits, and definitely more practice! The NASA logo I just ironed on...the first shirt I tried, I held the iron on too long and burned a shiny yellow iron print onto the shirt. Oops.

The pants turned out good.. I had a few problems. I love this pattern, actually, but I used a stretchy fabric with too much bulk. I also had trouble placing the pockets properly on the butt--they are too far down and too wide set. I also, and this is totally my bad, didn't wash this fabric before using it and it stained my doll's legs blue. :( I washed it afterwards and haven't had any problems since, but it was a bummer! Things I like about the pattern are how many options there are (shorts, skinnies, boot-cut) and that the front pockets are actual working pockets! I hope to try these again with actual denim (light weight if I can scrounge it from some used jeans).

The shoes were easy to follow pattern, they fit great, but my hot-glue skills need some work. I don't like how the front toes turned out pleated. I also didn't add the grommets or laces because I didn't have any tiny black grommets or black elastic. I'm not sure how I feel about the craft foam "sole" either, but I don't know if I want to spring for plastic soles because I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of them. I did buy a "combat boots" pattern that I plan on trying out eventually, but I don't love the shoe-making process and I might just have to buy my doll shoes!