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King's Crossroad LARP game

John here! This last weekend, we started a new LARP game in Kansas City, called King's Crossroad. It's set in a "Soloman Kane" themed setting with early industrial firearms (NERF guns), an underpowered magical presence, and a high mortality rate. This game was extremely new-player friendly, and we are trying to recruit as many new players to this game as possible.

Here are some of the PCs that made up the hunting party:

As the night went on, they started realizing that it was actually me who was hunting them:

Overall, after five separate assaults on the party, I managed to convince them to send the strongest half of their party off into the woods after me. I circled back to their camp and attacked the rest of the PCs. I did eventually die, but only after leading them on a 4 hour chase and killing 25% of their forces.

Other highlights of the event: A crazed, funny, grenade happy gnome; 5 solid meals cooked by Sally Sasparilla, the tavernkeep; ghouls setting up a trap for the hunting party trying to trap the werewolf; cheating at GO, cheating less at poker; unique coins cast from scratch and intricate spell-pages courtesy of Joe.

After LARPing for two years, I have to say that this was one of the best events I've been to. Shout out to Evan, Mariah, Joe, Dan, Diana and Katherine for staffing this awesome event, and all the PCs for coming to play and making it worth all the preparation!