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Angela is a Tough Mudder!

This weekend I (Angela) finished the Tough Mudder course! I was waaaaay out of shape (by my standards, anyway) so I did more trekking than running and skipped a few of the 19 obstacles spread over the 10 mile course... but I got muddy, challenged myself, and made lots of great memories! That's what counts, right? I volunteered on Saturday and then ran the course on Sunday. And I survived!!

I was pretty pleased with myself when I got home.

The shirt I was wearing and my number.

It looked worse after I cleaned the mud off and realized just how many scrapes and bruises I had. But they were so worth it.

These have to be thrown away now... I'm just glad they stayed on the whole course! You know how sometimes when you're falling asleep after swimming all day and you feel like you're floating? Well as I was falling asleep Sunday night, it felt like my feet were being suctioned down into the mud!

Overall it was a great event, both volunteering and participating! They travel around the country and the world, so check out the website if you're interested in trying it out.