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John, Gunnar and I all drove 10 hours to Kansas for a Heroic Interactive Theatre Event! Interactive theatre is also known as LARPing, or Live Action Role Playing.

John is a veteran over at Heroic, but Gunnar and I were total Newbs. Overall we had a really fun weekend. We even got to meet amazingly talented fantasy author Jim Butcher who had some pretty badass home-made armor himself. In fact, pretty much everyone over at the Central Chapter was fun to hang out with and dressed to kill--monsters, that is.
John camped out in his hammock tent, while Gunnar and I shared our discounted REI tent in the sweltering summer heat. It was actually the first time I had ever been camping in a tent, and I loved it!

I went as a wood elf, John was a bear-kin, and Gunnar was gnome. I have to admit that the rules were a little overwhelming and the other players being about a hundred levels above me made it a little overwhelming at times.

I'm definitely up for trying it again, but not really willing to drive 10 hours for it ever again. Unless John asks really nicely.

Gunnar with Jim Butcher