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Is this the year I finally make a Victorian Bustle Gown?

I have been feeling a lot craftier in the last few months, and I am trying to do more of what I want to do and less of what I think I should do. I mean, I've always been one to walk my own path, but I also have been held back by thinking "what would people think" and worry that my hobbies are dumb or that I am somehow dumb for liking the things I like. This feeling ebbs and flows with my mood, but sometimes it takes over and keeps me from doing the things I want to do. But I am working on squashing that critical voice and embracing my weirdness.

One of the things I have always wanted to do is make a Victorian Bustle gown for myself!  I love costumes and I love puffy dresses and I love sewing, and I think I have the space, tools, and skills to tackle this project. (Well, I don't have a dress form. But I'll jump that puddle when my boots start leaking.)

Bur first: I give myself permission, especially on this first venture, to use my serger, to avoid hand sewing if I don't feel like it, to use modern trims and fabrics and thread, to add in some fantasy elements or anachronistic make up and jewelry. This is not my job! I just want a cool dress and some fun photos! 

The first step in making a Victorian Bustle Gown is making the Victorian Underwear, however. Here's what I'm doing: 

I actually had this pattern chilling in my sewing room from several years back when I daydreamed about it. I actually forgot I had it and was ready to buy an undergarments pattern pack when I found it while cleaning. Whoops! 

Yesterday I cut out the chemise and drawers patterns and today I cut the chemise pieces out from some light soft cotton I hate laying around. 

Wish me luck!