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Roundabout Christmas Quilt

I've wanted to make a Christmas Quilt to hang up for a while now but wasn't inspired by any of the Christmas fabric I saw. I also have wanted to make a big rainbow roundabout quilt but was too intimidated by the pattern to do that. 

Then I saw this Lewis and Irene "Noel" Fabric and decided to make a "practice" roundabout quilt for Christmas! 

The little triangles are VERY DIFFICULT but I managed to make it work. The points aren't nearly as nice as I usually like, but the tutorial I was following said not to worry about it and...I agree that cutting off some points isn't a big deal on this quilt. When you stand back and see the hidden circles, none of those tiny points really matter! 

I was worried that the circles wouldn't be obvious enough because my background fabric was too busy, so when I quilted it I meandered ONLY on the background and it really helped to make the colored bits and therefore the circles, pop out! 

I quilted it on my home machine too lol. Which makes me think...I might try to quilt my Catan quilt on my home machine too. Do I dare?? 

I love how it looks on the wall! 

 Here are some of the resources and inspiration I used for making this: