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Regency Doll Dresses

I've been feeling the need for some quick satisfying projects using things I already had on hand which means...doll dresses! A while back Pemberly Threads on Etsy had a sale on their patterns and I snatched up almost all of the ones she was offering. I just finished sewing the Elinor dress with the optional alternate sleeves pattern as well, using two different styles. Both of these are made in the fashion of the Regency (aka Jane Austen) era. 

This blue dress is made from dark blue satin and embellished with the trim leftover from my wedding dress that I worked on almost 11 years ago! 

This teal dress is made of lightweight cotton that I salvaged from one of Gunnar's dress shirts that he tore a big hole in. It's hard for me to throw away usable scraps of fabric, and this color was just so pretty!

I struggled to style the doll's hair in a Regency Fashion sort of way, but it turned out alright I think. The dresses are just so adorable and make me want to re-watch every version of Pride and Prejudice ever made.

I also made these cute slippers from a pattern on Etsy by Ann Van Doren Designs. They are so cute and were very easy to make!