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What I'm Reading, Playing, Watching: September

WOW this is late! I usually type this throughout the month as I read/play/watch, and then add pics and formatting at the end and post it, but October is kicking my butt! I have about 40 hours of sewing to do in the next few weeks and only about 10 free hours in which to sew...Halloween is like the Nanowrimo of the Costuming World! Luckily this means I will have lots of cool little projects to show off in the coming month, as I finish and take pics and write the posts for them...but it means that my regular posting schedule is thrown way out of whack! Anyway, I guess this is a cliff notes version of my September Reading/Watching/Playing post!

What I'm reading

The Red Threads of Fortune by JY Yang

This was terrible. It had so much potential, but it didn't click with me. The prose was nice enough, but not very explicit (I didn't realize that the "raptors" she was using as scouts were actual dinosaurs rather than unspecified birds of prey until reading a review--the main character never really interacts with them in a meaningful way that it would matter if they are dinosaurs or birds).  I felt like the character's motivations were unrealistic and they didn't really do anything. The gender-neutral "they" for a singular character was distracting and off-putting. (Especially compared to the Ancillary series universal "she" and Left Hand of Darkness' random assignments.) It doesn't bother me in spoken language but it was awkward in print. So yeah. I won't be reading the other two in this series.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I've read this 3 times already and it still one of my favorites. I notice new things every time I read it! Gunnar, John, Diana, and even my mom have all read it and love it!

I tend to read old favorites when I'm particularly stressed or feeling down, to help cheer myself up. It's like revisiting an old friend or listening to a favorite several hundred thousand words. This book is definitely one I will continue to come back to and reread throughout my life. (So that tells you a little bit about my September, ha!)

Patrick Rothfuss has received some criticism for how long it's taking him to complete the third and supposedly final book in this series, but considering how long Winds of Winter has been percolating on George R.R. Martin's desk, I'm not mad!

The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

Not as good as the first, but still great fiction. Also, I love the books but I don't particularly love Kvothe. Like, I don't think we'd be friends in real life. And Denna is terrible. Yeah I'd marry Simmon though, thanks.

Also, Lin Manueal Miranda is working on writing the music for the t.v. adaptation of this series, so there's even more reason to read!

What I'm Playing


So this month very much had a Name of the Wind theme...because Tak is the game that Kvothe learns to play in the second book, when he's in Vintas! It's a deceptively simple game a bit like 3-D checkers, but with more depth and possibility. Gunnar and I played about 10 short games and barely scratched the surface of possible strategies!

Call to Adventure

Aaaand another game with The Name of the Wind connections, Call to Adventure is a character building game with story, with a Name of the Wind expansion pack that of course we played with. I like this better than Roll Player because your character grows through the stages, there are unique little challenges, and it's not a lot of number crunching. It's like creating a character and all their backstory as the game goes along, so it feels a little bit like role playing. The Name of the Wind references were pleasantly mixed in with various amounts of subtly, and I think someone who hasn't read the books could still definitely enjoy it!

What I'm Watching

Gentleman Jack

This was great! I love a good period drama, and this one was perfectly on-point. The costumes were were amazing with the ridiculous leg-o-mutton sleeves, Anne dressed all in black, and the different classes in different styles.  No seriously, I never ever considered wanting to make or wear one of those style dresses before but these were just phenomenal!

The main character was vastly different from the traditional Austen style heroine, and the drama was very dramatic! Even better, this series is based on the real  life diaries of Anne Lister, an 1830's landowner and lesbian. It was fascinating and I will definitely watch another season if they make one!