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Pinwheel Quilt Block Tutorial

Full disclosure, I learned to do this from Youtube:
Check them out! Or if you just want a quick step by step, keep reading! 

Pinwheel Quilt Block Tutorial

 Start with 2 squares the same size. Mine are 9.5" x 9.5"

Pin them right sides together

Sew 1/4" around all four sides

Sewn around all four sides!

Cut corner to corner across the diagonal

Cut corner to corner across the OTHER diagonal

You should have 4 little pieces that look like this. 
These are called "half square triangles." Iron them open.

"Square them up" aka cut them all so that they are exactly the same size. Mine are 6'' x 6''
It can help to line up the diagonal with diagonal line on a big square ruler like this. 

Turn them the other way and square up that side. 

Arrange all 4 half square triangle into a pinwheel--or whatever shape you want.

The trick to quilting is to have one seam allowance go to the left and the other to the right and "nest" them or lock them together. This gets the lines to match up perfectly. 

Nested seams

Sew the top row together and the bottom row together. 

Now to sew the two rows together, again trying to nest the seams. The goal is to get....

A perfect center where all the points line up!
And I failed. Oops

Sewing a little further down, over the place where the corners touch. This takes practice. Obviously I'm NOT an expert at this. 

Much better! 

Iron it open

Square it up! (I hate this part)

And done!!