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Make a Wish Doll sized Quilts

I've been doing some major scrap busting to clear out space in my closet between bigger costume projects, and this past week I finished up two doll quilts using scraps leftover from Rosemary's Make a Wish baby quilt.

I was originally going to make a scrappy binding for the baby quilt, but decided against it, so I ended up with a bunch of small strips. The backing for each doll quilt is a fat quarter that came in the pack that I decided not to use in the quilt top, ditto the binding on the strips quilt.

This one was bound in plain white, and is made up of leftover quarter-square triangle pieces. I bound it in white quilter's cotton and quilted it in diamonds. No way was I going to stitch in the ditch again, after breaking 5 needles on that previous quilt!  I gave this one away as a birthday gift for my friend's little girl Marigold. I'll definitely be making a ton more of these to give away! The strips one I am keeping for Rosemary, so when she's old enough for an American Girl Doll her doll can have a matching quilt!<3 cheesy="" i="" know="" p="" so="">

One thing I'm still trying to decide on is the size...the strips quilt is 22x20 or something, and the triangles is 19x19. At first I thought "bigger is better" but it was kinda too big for the doll bed. I think I'm make future ones as close to 19x19. Thoughts?