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Breath of the Wild Link's Hylian Tunic

Link and a little fairy! 

So there's a story behind this tunic...last October John's work was having a costume contest, and because it was just work and not a con or something, John ordered a tunic from China on ebay for super cheap. When it arrived, we saw why exactly you shouldn't order a costume from China on ebay for super cheap. It was child sized (even though he ordered men's medium!) the design was just laser-cut stickers barely sticking to the fabric, and the material was really thin. 

So with a week until Halloween, John and I made a new one. He bought some nice heavy bright blue cotton twill, I whipped it up into a tunic, and he hand-stitched thin white bias tape into the design you see below. I think it turned out pretty good! Needless to say, with his accessories and his little fairy companion, he won the costume contest at work and at our friend's Halloween party. Because we're just extra that way. 


Homemade leather sword strap and chain-mail!

Accessories include Fairy light in a jar! Embroidered Bracers! 

This is not the first Link costume that John has made, actually. I'll post about his older Ocarina of Time costume soon!