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Youtube Spotllight: Angela Clayton

I don't watch a ton of T.V. anymore, but I will admit I watch a lot of Youtube videos. I watch Minecraft videos with my oldest, Disney songs with my 4 year old, and make-up tutorials and sewing videos on my own time, usually while I'm sewing up in my office. (Unless I'm binging Downton Abbey or Scrubs, also great to watch while sewing.)

But this month I found Angela Clayton's channel entirely dedicated to period costumes and sewing and I can't get enough of it. I love the combination of vlogging, sewing clips, and her process for figuring out how to do stuff. It's fun to watch her projects go from concepts and sketches to beautiful photoshoot-worthy pieces. Sometimes she does things totally different from how I would do them, but they usually turn out great anyway. She even does hat-making and beading! Also, she has a great name.

Here's one of my favorites! Check it out:

Who else should I be watching? I used to follow a lot of costume and craft blogs back in the day, but they've mostly either stopped posting or I've lost the links. Let me know!