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Sherwood Forest 2018

Gunnar and I took our kiddos to the Sherwood Forest Faire this past weekend and it was...COLD! The forecast said it would be in the 50's, which means longsleeves and light jackets, but it was actually in the 40s and so windy that we were all frozen!

I nearly bailed and had us all leave after an hour. I'm pretty tough, and I was wearing a hoodie and my fleece cloak,but I was still freezing cold. James lay huddled under three blankets in the stroller and got mad when I uncovered his face to make sure he could breathe. Baby girl's hands were red little ice cubes even though we kept shoving them back under the blankets or into our armpits while we held her. Gunnar was had it the worst, since he forgot half of his costume and his jacket at the house. He wrapped a blanket around himself, borrowed one of the boy's hats, and bought some leather gloves.

But we made it! We stuck to the back part of the Faire where there was less wind, the adults each had a pick-me-up of warm mead, and we took time to warm up in the heated great hall in the castle. (Thank you to the bathroom attendant who told me about it! You are awesome!)

Other than the cold, Sherwood was great! The boys always have fun, though we didn't dress up much this year due to the weather. It really doesn't make sense to invest in/make a ton of cold-weather garb because more often than not it's boiling hot when we go. (Plus I didn't have time to make any new things this year. I've been busy with other projects!) 

Going to the Faire always inspires me, so hopefully I will do some more costume items soon. I's love to buy more pieces, but the prices always make me cringe since I know that if I just take the time, I can make most of the clothing items myself. I don't mind buying things that I can't easily make myself however, and I do have fun shopping around and getting inspired by all of the costumes and shops! 
Trying out the Drums

Me and James Eating a Turkey Leg

Jack Eating some Ribbon Candy at the Bonfire

A cloaked Mama Riding the Carousel with Boys

Jack Helping with Merlin's Magic Show