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Maternity Costumes

The Lake Gown.
By the time Halloween rolls around, I'll be 6 months pregnormous and of course not able to fit into any of the costumes I have on hand.

Which means making a new one!! John is hosting a small local local LARPing even on Halloween, and the theme is there's that. I'll probably modify an old empire-waist fairy dress for the occasion. It will be comfy and cute and adjustable for the unpredictable central Texas weather.

However. Ever since I saw Episode III I've wanted to do a pregnant Padme costume. Particularly her steel silk nightgown. It's so flowy and beautiful, one of my favorites aside from the Lake Gown. Which, according to Dressing a Galaxy, George Lucas originally wanted to CG onto Natalie Portman instead of making a costume, but the costume designers were like "Um, don't be stupid." And so the Lake Gown was born. Both of those are incredibly challenging materials and designs, and I could just as easily wear them if I wasn't pregnant at all.

Brown Sleeveless
My other option, which would probably be more comfortable and recognizeable, is the Brown Sleeveless costume. A person has to be fairly convincingly pregnant to pull this one off. My friends and I have all considered making this one at one time or another, except that our parents would all probably have flipped out over pictures of us dressed up as if we were suddenly 8 months pregnant. I'm definitely leaning towards this one. The more I think about it, the more I realize it would also fit my budget much better than the other two. And I can also see the brown sleeveless outfit being easily altered into a post apocalyptic costume... Okay I've talked myself into it.


Pictures from the amazing Padawan's Guide!


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