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Cheap as Free

So remember my $200 Con article??

Well, that's all well and good advice if you have a real job (as in, you're not working on a novel and costuming/gaming full time) but this year, I find myself a bit short on money and will attempt a feat that I have only ever heard about:

Going to a Con for Free.

Now, I've already done the number one most important thing and been accepted as a volunteer. This means three things:

1. I get a free badge
2. I will have access to crash space
3. I will have a (limited) source of food

I also plan to:

4. Hitch a ride with my brother, who has a car which seats seven and gas can be split thusly
5. Have friends/family whom I may be able to mooch some food off of
6. Picked a comfortable costume which will allow me to carry everything I need for the weekend, and even sleep in. (Chell from Portal 2, if my last post wasn't clear enough about that.)

So my budget, after costume-making, is approximately $30 which includes gas and two or three small meals to supplement the junk I can mooch/bring.

There are some important considerations besides food though, such as hygiene and hydration. My preliminary list of things to bring is still in the works, and will probably be a separate post because I'm a type A planner like that. This is going to be a busy month.

Besides like, looking for a real job and stuff.