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What's in your closet?

I was browsing Craftster a while back and someone made a thread asking:

What's in your costume closet?


How do you organize your costume closet?

The thought is terrifying. Especially now, because I'm having to confront it head on while trying to get packed to move! I'm literally wading through a pile of costume pieces, fabric remnants, and boxes.

In the craftser thread, I ESTIMATED what is in the costume closet presently, between myself and John, and spread out between Austin, Round Rock, and Nebraska. In about a month after me and my husband move and John graduates from college and moves back to Texas, we'll do a REAL inventory of what we have. But for now, this is what I think we have.Oh, and this is only RENFAIR gear.

In other news, Ember just had her 11th birthday!

-Light Pink Flowy Fairy Top
-Red "Susan" dress
-Silver "Susan" dress
-Leather Armor Breastplate
-Black Sleeveless Pirate Shirt (round collar)
-Black Sleeveless Pirate Shirt (pointy collar)
-White Renfair long-sleeved undershirt
-Brown Renfair long-sleeved undershirt (embroidered for "King Peter" costume)
-Light Green Doublet
-Chainmail shirts (3 between me and my brothers)

-Long Pink Skirt (Matches pink fairy top)
-HoopSkirt--need new because I ruined mine when I used it at my wedding
-Dark red wrap underskirt
(the guys usually opt for BDUs for comfort/utility rather than period-correct stuff)

-Susan's archery bracer (Narnia)
-Red Narnia bag
-Red Narnia Belts (2)
-Brown Belt with pouch
-Susan's Narnia Horn
-Sheriff Bracers (Leather)

-Dark Green Velvet Flat Cap
-Crown with roses (bought at a renfair)

None. Sad I want a cloak but I live in Texas where it is supremely hot most of the year.

-Han Solo Boots (mens)
-Pirate Boots (mens, falling apart)
-Dark Brown calf-high boots

Want to Make
-Black Velvet Flat Cap
-Robin hood hat (Red or Brown, preferably leather)
-Cloak (Gray velvet)
-Plain Irish-style under dress
-Sabriel Tunic