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Halloween & RenFest!

This year I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival for Halloween, which was loads of fun! I wore my Queen Susan Narnia Costume, which was incredibly hot and sweaty on a sweltering 90 degree Texas Halloween. Next year I'll have to be a scantily clad elf or something, I swear.

The only thing to do was drink a delicious strawberry daiquiri and watch my friends ride the elephant, right?

Also, I'm not a very good archer, unlike the real Queen Susan.

Me and Nick, who is wearing Gunnar's Rich Merchant costume. There are no pictures of Gunnar's epicfail diseased villager costume on my camera.

My brother-in-law Erik, below, had an epic monster/demon costume. I helped him by telling him to use his Darth Maul cape and hood and work mak-eup on whatever was left.

No that is not his real nose. Yes, that is a real turkey leg.

The whole gang at the end of the day. (G washed the make up off.)